“When you stop learning, you start dying. Never stop learning.”

…………….  ~ Willie Tillman (my grandfather) …………….




“Thank you so much for your gift of assisting me to go beyond my limited views of myself. Being in the helping profession, meditating and practicing energy work for many years I am very particular about who I work with and trust. You have been sensitive, observant, attentive and patient with me and I would refer anyone to you for healing and exploring the path to a more fulfilling life. You have a rare grasp of consciousness and how to use it creatively- bringing me back to essence and form, for creative positive manifestation.”

Vicki Sherman

“There is a deep longing among people… to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit.”

………………. ~ Sobonfu Some ……………….







“Тhe gentle overcomes the rigid.
The slow overcomes the fast.
The weak overcomes the strong.”

“Everyone knows that the yielding overcomes the stiff,
and the soft overcomes the hard.
Yet [few] apply this knowledge.”

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

…………….   ~ Eric Hoffer   …………….

Marla Durden has some serious spiritual juice. Her wisdom and fierce open-heartedness helped me break through barriers and untie knots that had vexed my life for years. I am now walking powerfully, confidently, and courageously into the life I’ve always dreamed.

Alan Davidson

Marla is an extremely gifted, powerful teacher, mentor and advisor. You will be amazed at her openness and ability to understand the inner workings of life and her ability to help you navigate the complexities that life often throws our way. It is so wonderful to have her in your life. 

Monica Wisniewski

Marla is a change agent with a spiritual orientation. Her calm and peaceful manner, complemented by her wisdom, experience, and unique set of skills and talents help her clients achieve lasting external change through deep internal transformation.

Kym King

 Remember who you are.
Connect with the gifts of your ancestors.
Celebrate your beautiful essence.
Make everyday sacred.

Coming Spring 2017

Remember this: YOU are the result of millions of years of love.

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“We are a continuum. Just as we reach back to our ancestors for our fundamental values, so we, as guardians of that legacy, must reach ahead to our children and their children. And we do so with a sense of sacredness in that reaching.”

~ Paul Tsongas